It’s what my clients say that’s important…

"Catherine alleviated our fears, arranged appointments for us to see homes on short notice, and importantly encouraged us to stop looking at houses with our practical minds (and tape measures), but to experience the home with our hearts. After 20 busy days of working with her, we found the home we ‘just-had-to-have’ – and we got it-first home, first bid.

"She continually remained professional thereby maintaining our comfort level throughout what can be a very stressful life change. Her gentle assurances and calm nature are probably the primary reasons we are both very pleased to have worked with Catherine."

~ Bob and Ed


Catherine went above and beyond in helping me find the property I finally purchased. I had actually placed an initial offer on one property, but hadn’t completed the final paperwork to be binding to that transaction. Catherine called me up one day and said “Celeste, I found a better property for you.” She was right. So I rushed over and put an offer on the property the same day.

I love my new home and am grateful to have worked with Catherine.”  ~ Celeste

CS: I was on my was to meet the appraiser at property #1 and told her the plan had changed and we needed her to appraise property #2 instead!)


“Over the decades I have bought and sold many properties and have utilized the services of numerous real estate professionals, most recently I have been assisted by Catherine Stern. I have found Catherine to possess all the attributes and expertise I have come to expect in a quality Realtor.  She knows and understands the local real estate market. She is responsive to my questions. She is proactive in locating and evaluating potential properties. She has creative suggestion designed to enhance the attractiveness of submitted offers. And most importantly for me, she works to accomplish what is in MY best interests, not just to close a sale. Anyone interested in working with a quality Realtor will not be able to fin one better than Catherine Stern.”

~ Scott, Attorney/Partner



This one is very special:


“I write this from an unusual perspective. Catherine did not represent us in the sale or purchase of a home, but rather represented the successful bidder on a home we just sold.

Several things stood out when she made her presentation (she was third or fourth of eight offers we heard).

  • Her friendly, warm and direct manner
  • With sincerity she strongly conveyed her client’s desire without getting mushy
  • Came in with a strong and creative offer AND had an alternative in hand
  • Quickly assessed the situation as she responded to our questions and switched to plan B. This was a crucial and well-played move.

As a result, her client came out on top in a very competitive situation, but did not overpay for our home.

One last note, I have seen her interact with her client on several occasions. I’m also in sales and have seldom seen a representative give so much support and TLC to a client.”

~ Howie


"Because you’re an art person and a Realtor and an enthusiastic person who serves our needs and you’re patient and you listen to us and you don’t have children or grandchildren to distract you. Your priority is us and we like that. You’re available and you always answer our questions quickly and you’re flexible about your time and about meeting us in various places. And there’s a personal connection, you’re related to one of the 500 people we know in the world and we met you in an environment that was perfect."

~ Jan Dodge


CS: Peter, Jan and I did 4 transactions in 2 years. We moved them from their traditional house in Berkeley’s Claremont district to a geodesic dome with spectacular views, wrap around decks and a grove of California Live Oaks. Jan called me one day singing “Home, home in my dome! I love my dome home!” How could that not make me happy?